Connecting to high speed cable modem

Connecting Your High-speed Cable Modem

1. Connect the coaxial cable to the back of your high-speed cable modem.
Note: This should be the coaxial cable installed by your cable provider specifically for the cable modem.

2. Connect the Ethernet/USB cable from the computer to your high-speed cable modem. If you have a router you should connect your computer to your router and connect your router to your modem.

Note: Do not connect both the Ethernet and USB cables to the same computer.

3. Connect the power cord to your high-speed cable modem and a wall outlet. If you have a router you should connect the power cord to your router and a wall outlet.

4. Your high-speed cable modem's status lights should begin to flash as your high-speed cable modem connects. Within a few minutes the cable modem should be online. To see the specific light patterns for your cable modem go to the Modem Light pattern Knowledge base article.

If you connected your high-speed cable modem via USB you will need to install USB drivers for your high-speed cable modem.

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